I'm Starting to Think Coming Here Made it Worse

by Camping

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This EP was written in two different states and covers everything that was so special to me over the past year and a half. It is dedicated to Fripp Island, McDowell Nature Preserve, MF Doom, Luke-warm and sometimes even cold hot dogs, Brett Green, Cory Cooper, My mom and Dad for putting up with me yelling in their house, and anyone who wishes to be a part of this project in the future.

With the release of this EP, I also choose to release These feelings.


released August 10, 2016

Recording/Mastering: Brett Green & Cory Cooper



all rights reserved


Camping Charlotte, North Carolina

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Track Name: Camping
I'll get my shit together
but to you it's all the same
the house, the friends, the job, the dog, they're not to blame
I'll keep it all inside my head nobody seems to care
the park, the beach, the mountains, I guess it doesn't matter where
you were the better half of me
swallow ten gallons of sea
we made societies on top of our knees
you're just so much better than me
you showed me who I could be
I wanted nothing more than for you to stay with me
the lines have all been drawn in ink, you're never coming back
you looked at me and told me everything that I lacked
I wish that I could take it back and camp again with you
the tent, the fire, the trail, the light, the air mattress too
Track Name: Tardigrade
forget philosophy
I lost my empathy when you told me to leave
forget the pleasantries
you are not fooling me, I am obsessed with you
forget the sympathy
I want you to be as miserable as me
I wouldn't talk to my mother that way
I converse with nothing to say to you
it's just the searing pain
of having absolutely nothing to gain
I love you too
Track Name: Crumbling
Keep it up you know I'll be here
Please keep your expectations low
I can't get well if my life depended on it
you were the best part of me
3,000 feet up in the air
you told me that your life wasn't fair
four times you told me that we were separated
I chose to ignore every word
just be, and don't let me keep you
locked in manipulation
3,000 feet up in the air
you told me that your life isn't fair
3,000 feet up in the air
you told me that you weren't scared
Track Name: I'm Starting to Think Coming Here Made it Worse
love of mine
shoulders that shine a bright painful red
pony tails
attention that fails when you give too much to me
cuts that scar
three different cars we inhabited
puzzle piece
it didn't hit me that this would require work

hold on

cut out pieces
I'm not ready for you yet
okay, patience
we live separate lives